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and we'll have much more on this developing story is nice and 11. did waves obama's to the stage of the democratic national convention. not the president but his wife to me the appeal to american voters to re- elect has been. political reporter crazily with what was set on the first day of the convention. the first lady praise for has been in tonight's speech to says he is " a man we can trust to revive the nation's weak economy as president. daniel lang and others beachball that while the democratic base. did waves democrats cheered as first lady michelle obama's took the stage at the party's national convention in charlotte. she said the white house hasn't changed her husband's character or convictions. i love that we can trust brought to do what he says he's going to do even when it's hard it is best when it's hard. she praised her husband's health care reform law. >>> he didn't care whether it was the easy thing to do politically that's not hit and how he was raised. he care that it was the right thing to do. >>> brought her speech the first lady work demands voters that he
a debt crisis that street in your character of the steam plant which is what president obama is promising with the same results will still have a narrow window of opportunity to prevent that from happening and. >>> they're set to the pit at central college on october 11th. >>> far from cullmans political moneymaking machine and this week in mitt romney and president obama both began prowling dollars in crucial states on east coast. we showed how to turn its kicked off this big post convention blitz. aha >>> mitt romney handout hotbox to the voters in virginia estate worries deadlock with the present. and earlier how he used the backdrop of military aviation museum in virginia beach to travel and defense cuts >>> account numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts as between 100 and 200,000 >>> i will not cut our military i will maintain a military commitment >>> he took aim at friday's jobs report sent the president does not have a tax attorney economy around >>> he does not plan his have any ideas on economic sure does not have been more days in my house after jan. >>> president oba
and that is exactly what happened today. how did you ever since to to streets burning president obama's effigy of the cbs reporter shows that the american symbols in the middle east of the prime targets >>> there's no doubt this is genuine fury. a protestors the u.s. embassy even tore down the stars and stripes and which the fundamentalist fundamentalist flag carrier across the muslim world the anchor is fuelled a destructive frenzy this week carried a winter snow and see the pops one for american symbols. in tripoli in lebanon poughkeepsie and a hardee's restaurant was torched. and a highly respected school was overrun and looted. but really it was a clumsy u.s.-made film that cost all of this? in fact the editor of egypt's newspaper the real roots lie much deeper. >>> i think american foreign policy for a long long time. it was doing a lot of harm >>> america long supported the rights of despised present was toppled by a popular uprising just last year. we're speaking about a long history of mistrust and defined this way whatever the reason is >>> especially in poor muslim countries were at
down. >>> president obama speak in wisconsin. he leads the polls and the swing state which is also called ryan's home state. >>> the east bay congresswoman will hold a rally to maximize the voter registration. the goal is to make sure all eligible voters in lme county are registered. congressman will lead a rally in the alameda county and the event will coincide with several others are around the country. it is setup to fight voter i.d. lost >>> for the access to contraception got easier. governor brown signed into law to subscribe or control devices. it will help women's health. >>> women think that governor with the round of applause which will increase the access to birth control. as the state appears to have too many people on january 20th 14. >>> this is john what is gonna be available to women now. >>> the new lot also has other benefits expert is also a great way to give folks in to the health center some not only are they getting access to the bells control would also have education and time to counsel them and other birth control options. >>> the new law also has demand on
.s. consulate. >>> their bodies i arrived at the air force base yesterday praye. president obama is facing attacks of balancing policy m politics as he campaigns. each data did will appear separately at a farm in florida posted by univision. police in san jose are investigating an accident killed and 8 year-old boy police say he was writing an electric scooter when he was picked by truck. >>> behind me is the moral which includes the artists and david macdonald said french fries. this is just the feed away from where he was struck off select red what we know is that the boy was riding a zero large trucks studer said the him onto the street and that's when he was step might a chevy truck. the druggist is cooperating with investigators said it does not appear alcohol, drugs ordered speed was a factor. this is a busy road even though it is quite right now it's a lot of traffic throughout the day it lot of people very sad this morning for the loss of the little boy. >>> become accustomed to a house this morning in san jose. it happened a round 230. the pictures are to fund the data as they fle
to next march. president obama is hitting congress for leaving behind a lot of unfinished business. >>> these ideas have been around for months, the american people want to see them passed but apparently some members of congress are more worried about their jobs >>> mitt romney scooped up some campaign cash in the bay area. romney made headlines by or his bay area arrival with the release of bis 2011 tax returns. sharon chin shows us the present sedan hopeful paid more in taxes than he needed to. >>> the couple says they paid an average 20 percent tax rates over the past two decades but did not release details. romney a riveting in a private could reassert and hillsborough. it's been a tough week, he spoke with cbs anchor scott kelley. >>> we've got a campaign which is tied with the incumbent president of the united states >>> romney is slipping under the polls. the canon did denies his campaign is struggling. >>> ipad a very practical campaign, its telling a very good job. i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >>> a former republican campaign st
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